Monday, January 9, 2012

B, you know me.

My friend Beth is pretty great. She knows how much I love a good birthday fortnight, and so extended it to a birthday fiscal quarter. She treated me to a belated Jucy Lucy–from Matt's Bar, of course. I'm not an animal–on Sunday, but that was not all.

She gave me a kitchen scale (I love free kitchen equipment!) and also this mug:

Awesome New Mug (center), pictured with
my Kitchen Dinosaurs (remember them?) and elephant teapot

I love it, of course, and told her I'd been eyeing it but didn't think I could justify yet another coffee mug (seriously, I have so many, and love them all equally), especially as I had bought myself and several friends and family either this monogrammed lady mug or this monogrammed gentleman's mug for Christmas last year. And also because I have a souvenir mug from the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas that says "Stephanie" in hieroglyphics (the monogramming of the ancients!) (thanks, mom!). I figure there's a limit to how many identifying mugs a person can reasonably buy herself, but if you are gifted them, well, there is always room in the cabinet.

Beth said, "I saw this and thought, 'I bet Stephanie has been eyeing this but didn't think she could justify buying it for herself.'"

BRAIN TWIN. (For real, my vast Baby-sitters Club-and-grammar knowledge base is matched only by hers, plus we have the same lip balm in our purses.)


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